Registration for Priceless People

Fill out the form to be registrated in our bookingsystem for temporary employees and to apply for employment.

Please use the format Year-month-date. E.g. 1963-07-16.
If you have more than one education, then please write the title of each education in its own field. E.g. "Master in English" under Education title 1 and "Russian translator" under Education title 2. If you have no education, then please write "Unskilled".
Please upload a nice picture of yourself.
Please upload a professional resume with a nice layout.
Please make a short presentation of yourself. Write a little about your competences, experience and your wishes for your career and future. Write a little about your personality, forces and weaknesses and your interests in life.
If you have more than one education, then please upload each certificate/document one by one. Please give it a name that describes your education, e.g. "Bachelor of Science" or "Electrician".
Please upload a copy of your passport to verify your identity.
If you have more than one professional certificate, then please upload the documents one by one and write the name of your education as the file name. E.g. "Plumber" under "Professional certificate 1" and "Aircondition and cooling technician" under "Professional certificate 2".
Please upload a written recommendation from a former employer or a reference, where you describe a position held, the company name and the name and title of your leader in the firm and his or her phone number and e-mail address.
Pease upload another written recommendation or reference here.
Please write the name of your course certificate and upload them one by one. E.g. "TIG welding stainless steel pipe", "TIG welding aluminium pipe", "Offshore Crane operator", "Truck certificate" and so on. If you have more than 4 course certificates, then please just upload them in groups and give them well describing names.
Here one uploads special competence forms that are made by Priceless People for certain professions. These are uploaded by ourselves, so please do nothing here.
Declaration of consent
Priceless People is allowed to keep personal data to be able to assist and serve customers with employment of people. Please give your attention to this:

Common personal data
The personal data you are giving to us can be given to our local departments and our customers both in Denmark and other countries. The data can also be passed on to third parties, if we are given a court order to do this.

Sensitive personal data
We only ask for and handle sensitive personal data with your specific consent or in situations, where we must comply with legal obligations.

Your rights
You have the right to access and correct your personal data at any time.

We save your resume in up to 6 months from the date you let yourself register in our system by submitting the above form so that you can be considered for any future jobs. After 6 months you will receive an e-mail from us, asking if you would like us to keep your resume/CV in the job database. If you do not respond to this email or if you reply that you do not want us to keep your resume/CV, the resume will be deleted.

You can revoke your consent at any time, after which all registered information is immediately deleted. If you want deletion, you just send an e-mail to:, where you ask for your data to be deleted.
Read the Danish Data Protection Act in Danish databeskyttelsesloven